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Welcome to Jo An Da Lee


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We now attach wigs with adhesive, ask for more information.


Who are Jo-An-Da-Lee??

The world of wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions has undergone a massive transformation in recent years, as one step into Jo-an-da-lee reveals.  The first thing that hits you is how real they look and the vast choice of styles and colours available.  From clip on pony tails and clip in extensions to wigs, they have it all here.  If you are after a new look for a special occasion or want to boost your appearance on a daily basis this is the place for you.  

The shop is a veritable Aladdins Cave for those of us not naturally blessed with long thick hair.  Fine hair can be transformed into luxurious full locks in seconds.  To prove this Joan Norton asked me to tie my hair up into a pony tail and then selects and attaches a clip on pony tail, instantly I have the long thick hair I have always dreamed of without the hassle of growing it.  There are so many colours available we can completely match wigs and hair pieces to anyones natural hair shade. 

Wigs are becoming very popular these days people needn't be afraid of wearing them anymore.  The standard & quality is so good they do not look at all stuck on.  All the  wigs are made from the highest quality synthetics.  Wigs have had a bad image and bad press in the past but they are so realistic now that people would never know you were wearing one.  One of the most popular lines sold are clip in extensions which come in all colours from blonde to pink, they can be simply attached to your own hair in minutes for a convincing longer, thicker look for a night out and then unclipped and re-used again and again.  They are very popular with brides and as they are not permanently attached to your hair so do not damage it like stitched or glued extensions sometimes can.

The business was set up over three years ago and the owner wears the hair pieces so has first hand knowledge of how they can boost a persons confidence.  She originally bought hairpieces from the Trafford Centre, realising there was nowhere in Wigan which offered the same high quality products approached the American company which supplies them and asked if they could buy them wholesale.  Originally they were sold at hair parties, bridal fayres and had a display at Botany Bay for six months before opening the shop in Pemberton.

After getting a number of calls from people suffering from alopecia and those who had lost their hair through chemotherapy.  They started with 16 wigs in various styles and colours in March 06 and sold out virtually straight away.

Jo An Da Lee (named after Joan, David, Angela & Lee) now stocks more than 200 different styles and colours of wigs and hairpieces as well as a wide range of hair extensions.

The company provides a much needed service to local cancer sufferers in the Wigan and Districts.  Before starting selling wigs people had to travel to Bolton or Manchester, if you are suffering from cancer the last thing you want is to go out of town.  If people require home visits they are happy to do that and can also pick up and bring them to the shop.  You should see the relief on peoples faces when they see what  they have to offer and they find someting they really like.  It is a very satisfying job, loosing your hair especially for ladies has a huge impact on your life and knocks your confidence, it can stop you going out and socialising or even just going to the shops.  It's like waving a magic wand, you can give people a major part of their life back.

People are seen in a private room at the shop and are given plenty of time to try on as many different styles and colours as they like in a relaxed and unpressured atmosphere.

  - Excerpt from Wigan Evening Post -