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Headwears for men and women

Transform your look with our bandanas

Thinking of trying something new for the look of your hair? Choose Jo-An-Da-Lee in Wigan for exclusive designer bandanas and headwear.

Unique bandanas and headwear in Wigan

At Jo-An-Da-Lee, we offer you a range of bandanas and other headwear to choose from. You can try different combinations of scarf or soft cotton bandanas from our store that will suit your preference. If wigs aren’t your thing, we stock a wide range of bandanas, which can prove to be a great alternative. Get in touch with the team at Jo-An-Da-Lee in Wigan for details about the types of headwear we stock.
stylish headwear for men
Bandanas for women

How to wear a bandana

Wearing a bandana is simple! Fold the scarf in half after placing it diagonally. Then place the plain side on your forehead and tie a knot with the loose corners. The hair can be tied at the back. For some, it helps relieve head pain too. It's comfortable and great to wear during holidays.


Do you want to buy beautiful bandanas from Jo-An-Da-Lee in Wigan as an alternative to traditional wigs? Call us now on 01942 233235 or 07506 325090
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